Can I hike with this carrier?

Absolutely! Many of our customers prefer Babuebaby Carriers over the carriers specifically used for hiking because they usually feature large and obtrusive metal or plastic frames and bars. This adds unnecessary weight to the load and makes it extremely difficult to store away when it isn't needed. Babybabue's carriers are soft-structured and don't feature any metal or plastic frames or bars. They fold easily, and can be comfortably tucked away while your little one explores on foot whenever they'd like.

What is the carrier made out of?

Our carriers are made out of 100% cotton for comfort, durability, and breathability.

Where are the carriers made?

The unique prints featured on all of our carriers are purchased from women-owned businesses in Africa in an effort to help support and encourage the people living there. Our carriers themselves; however, are handmade in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Everything is done locally to ensure quality control for our customers.