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Lifting the Weight off Your Shoulders this Mother’s Day

Updated: Sep 25

Words cannot express the full magnitude of the impact that mothers have on our lives.

There are many ways to commemorate Mother's Day and on a bright, sunny day in May, make our mothers feel seen. Perhaps a card and carnations will accompany a thoughtful gift… but what about the rest of the year where mothers are back in the trenches with the rollercoaster of stress that comes with raising children?

Growing up, I always felt deeply loved by my mom because she always strove to be emotionally present for me. She prioritized showing me her own style of affection: a gentle caress when I woke up from a nightmare or carrying me on her back with a traditional African wrapper as she went about her daily activities. Looking back now, I see that I took a lot of her efforts for granted; I was unaware of the sacrifices it took for her to make herself so constantly available to me. Many mothers of young children often feel their efforts go unnoticed and overlooked. However, the love and care that nourishes a child daily, also grows past the immediate family, like vines growing past a garden fence. During the early stages of pouring into a child, mothers heavily invest time and energy without any idea of what will ultimately sprout from all this work. Even if mothers knew the full extent of their impact, the delight of a blossoming adult is not their own gift to experience like babyhood and childhood were. The fruits of their labor will be shared with and enjoyed by others… friends of one’s children, significant others, co-workers, neighbors, and more. Mothers cultivate and prepare a feast that is nourishing and enjoyed by so many beyond their own family circle. Even though my mom has not physically carried me in over two decades, the burdens she lovingly and selflessly carries for me today bring the same feeling of comfort, connection, and security that came from experiencing the world pressed against her strong back.

The secret garden of Motherhood is being able to share one’s unique style of care in moments that only a parent would ever remember. Mothers are often pulled in different directions, task-switching between a mountain of responsibilities and pressure all day. Where that would be the end-limit for other roles, mothers still pour themselves into emotionally caring for their children amidst all the day's demands. Wearing a child is one of the most ancient ways that mothers across cultures have provided for both the physical and emotional needs of their families. A carrier that redistributes baby's weight from the shoulders to the hips is significantly more gentle on the body and allows for longer wearing days, both in the length of the days and the numbers of those precious days. Because the saying is true, “The days are long, but the years are short.” As a child develops, their needs evolve, and the care they require will look different, but your desire to support your child throughout life never ages out.

Babue Baby Carriers are specially designed to ensure that pressure is offloaded from the shoulders and evenly distributed around the torso and hips because the hip is the most stable load-bearing joint. Our stylish carriers make it possible to carry children up to 65 pounds without compromising your comfort or safety. It’s our privilege to give you a way to savor the nurturing affection and emotional availability you give to your children while simultaneously attending to the urgent needs of dishes, laundry and everything in-between.

This Mother's Day, we want to remind you that your role as a mother truly matters. You are irreplaceable.

We can’t step in and give your children the love and support they need; that is something that you uniquely and sacrificially give them. But the least we can do is take a load off your shoulders in your daily life. Your wellbeing is a priority and carrying your child should not restrict your activities or cause you pain. A mother's touch lasts beyond the moment, it’s always our mission to bring together mothers and children so that you can carry on with both the bonding and the dishes.

Written By: Tolu, Babuebaby Team

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