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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Big news, Babuebaby family! We are officially patented! That means our ergonomic baby/toddler carrier is officially set apart from other carriers on the market - we are uniquely and 100% our own! Now, what about our carrier makes us so different?!

For those of you who may be new here, or for anyone who requires a little refresh, our carriers are created and designed by an Occupational Therapist. Busi, owner and founder of Babuebaby Carriers, has over 10 years experience working as an Occupational Therapist here in Canada.

This carrier was dreamed up by Busi for many reasons, all of which can be found on our "About Us" page, but on this post we will be focusing on the idea of inclusion - specifically considering the needs of children who require a bit more than what is typically offered in a carrier.

Children with special needs such as Down Syndrome usually have low neck and trunk muscle tone. This means they need extra support in order to keep their body upright and stable. Additionally, many carriers on the market do not design for older and heavier children, leaving caretakers with little to no options if carrying larger children is something they desire to do. Because of these limitations, children with special needs are often bound to a wheelchair, limiting their access to the outdoors as well as the activities they're able to participate in.

Babuebaby Carriers has three points of support - the hip/waist strap, the lateral straps, and the shoulder straps. Each of these work together to offload weight from the shoulders, bring the load (child) closer to the body, and carry through the hips and torso. This means caretakers are able to comfortably carry older children and/or children with special needs without straining their shoulders or back!

To learn more, please check out the rest of our website, as well as our Instagram and Facebook page!

Until next time, happy baby-wearing!

Babuebaby Carriers

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