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The Benefits of Baby-wearing During the First Year!

1. Hands free! More things get done, making the first year of parenting just that much more manageable for you and for baby.

2. Less crying! There is evidence that suggests children who are frequently carried are less likely to be as fussy as children who are not. Closeness and movement have incredibly calming effects on young ones, resulting in a more content child.

3. Improves health! Carrying early on in the child's life, and as they grow, can improve yours and baby's core muscles and posture. It also helps the child stabilize body temperature and improves heart and lung function.

4. Breastfeeding help! Baby-wearing facilitates and improves the baby's feeding posture while increasing the frequency of breastfeeding, which is ideal for weight increase. It also reduces the hassle or challenges associated with breastfeeding, because the child is already so close, resulting in a more successful breastfeeding relationship.

And so much more...

For additional information, please check out Babuebaby Carriers on Instagram, Facebook, and our website! If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly via email or direct message and we will be more than happy to chat with you!

Happy Monday, family!

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