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Did you know?

Babuebaby Carriers passed ASTM testing for Canada, USA, California, Washington, and Maine.

The chemical, mechanical, and physical testing was passed with absolutely no fail.

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A blend of traditional knowledge and modern engineering, the Babuebaby Carrier is unlike other carriers and slings that put stress on your upper body. Instead, it uses your whole torso to its best advantages!


  • Made from 100% cotton for strength, comfort, and breathability

  • Three points of support:

- Primary: reinforced strap over hips

- Secondary: central strap above the bust

- Shoulder straps for stability

  • Adjusts to almost every body size

  • Equally comfortable for adult and child

  • Designed for all-day use

  • Washable

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What our customers are saying...

"I love how comfortable this carrier is. It's so nice to be able to offer all my kiddos, not just the smallest, a back carry!"

- Laura, Doula and Wellness Mentor

Learn about our fabric...

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Taking the weight off your shoulders!

We believe that babywearing is for everyone. You should not have to choose between keeping your child close and being comfortable. With Babuebaby, you can have both! Email us to learn more...


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